Terms of Use

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Following actions are explicitly forbidden:

  • Preventing other people from using the website;
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Additional Limitations

Use of automated query programs is strictly forbidden. Scraping, crawling, or any other way of accessing content from our website is allowed only if you have written consent from BTXchange.io. As stated in our privacy policy, anything you post on our website will not be treated as confidential, except your data and personal information. In addition, using our website in states where it’s not in compliance with the local laws is under your responsibility.


Although we try to keep our reviews as unbiased and trustworthy as possible, we can’t guarantee that all data on our website is 100% correct. Due to that fact, there’s no responsibility in case of an unlikely even caused by wrong pieces of information. In addition, our website isn’t responsible for the content of third-party websites which include sponsorship and promotional content. Ultimately, we’re not liable for views of other people who post on our website. However, since we care about our website’s reputation, we reserve the right of removing abusive and harmful comments.

General Terms

These terms can be adjusted at any time in order to make sure our website is administered in good faith. In case of any changes, you’ll be informed accordingly prior to their implementation. Using the website after the changes means you agree to the modified terms and conditions. Furthermore, we’re not liable for any violation of these terms if they’re beyond our objective control. In case of a dispute, bear in mind that these terms and conditions are subject to laws of the USA.