Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines how our (from now on known as “us”, “we”, “our website”) preserves and uses the data collected from our users. The data we collect include but are not limited to your personal information, email address, browser and OS data, domain, and similar information.

Use Of Collected Data

The collected information can be used only if the terms have been openly presented to you prior to asking you to provide such information. Furthermore, most of the data we collect is non-personal and is used for statistical purposes only. To summarize, the collected may be used for following purposes:

  • To enhance user-experience on our website;
  • To provide an adequate response in case of an inquiry;
  • In case of a dispute or a complaint;
  • To send promotional materials if you sign up for that service;
  • To monitor the use of

Collected Information Sharing Possibilities

Sharing and distributing your personal information and additional data is strictly forbidden. However, in extreme cases such as disputes, harmful activities, or if required by state’s regulatory institutions. Furthermore, due to the fact that there are hyperlinks on our website, we are not responsible for your data safety on those websites. Therefore, we can’t be held accountable for your data’s privacy on third-party websites. However, as far as our website is concerned, all necessary protective methods are applied to keep your private information secure.

Cookie Policy

Cookies are tiny files placed by a web server on your internal hard drive to provide you with ultimate browsing experience. As a visitor, you have the right to choose between declining or accepting the use of cookies. However, declining cookies may reduce the quality of your user- experience on our website.

To disable cookies, you should follow the instructions from the website or mobile browser you are using. The below links describe the processes of both disabling and deleting cookies on your browser of choice.

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