About Us

Even though it’s still regarded as an innovation, Bitcoin has revolutionized the online payment system. Still, aside from the basics about cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin in general, it’s difficult to find additional information such as dependable e-wallets and best Bitcoin exchange websites. Although BTXchange.io can’t help you with the first, you can rely on our services when it comes to the latter.

Issues with Bitcoin Exchange Websites

Due to several issues, top notch Bitcoin exchange websites often don’t have the credibility they deserve. Although many of them cannot be resolved in such a tight timeframe, becoming familiar with the problem is the first step to solving it.

The first and probably the main issue with Bitcoin exchange sites is the establishment time. Since all of them are relatively new, it’s hard to decide which websites are reliable and which ones should be avoided. The next problem is that there’s not enough data available online. Again, this is heavily influenced by the fact that Bitcoin is still a new concept for many.

Finally, people are still mildly skeptical about the implementation of Bitcoin into the online payment system. However, the most popular cryptocurrency is not only becoming a popular payment method at large marketplaces but it’s also opening doors for other virtual currencies.

Our Role in Resolving These Issues

Our main task and the primary goal of BTXchange.io is to debunk the conspiracy theories and provide our readers with additional information about the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. As we said, it will take time before people realize that Bitcoin is here to stay. Until then, feel free to use the data our team of experienced researchers collects and regularly updates. We guarantee that you’ll hardly find such comprehensive reviews elsewhere.