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Why Do We Need Affiliates?

As you can see, our site is ad-free. If you’ve ever run a site, you know that the significant part of your website’s revenue comes from ads. So, why did we give that up? Well, we’ll risk sounding cringy but, we did it for you! We did it to enhance your experience on our website.

Furthermore, we don’t accept any monetary compensation for writing reviews. This way, we can claim that we stayed true to ourselves and our readers since our reviews are 100% genuine and unbiased.

On the other hand, we have to pay the bills and expenses that are not neglectable. We opted for exploiting the affiliate marketing system, and we need your help to keep our mission alive.

How Do Keep Our Mission Alive?

Well, it’s a pretty straightforward process. Every time you visit a Bitcoin exchange site through our affiliate link, we get a small commission. The commissions won’t make us rich, but they’re enough to keep our mission alive.

Why Should You Become a Contributor

Well, first and foremost – it’s completely free! It won’t cost a dime, and we’ll save you money by finding the best Bitcoin exchange on the market. Second of all, no personal information is collected through your usage of our affiliate links meaning the whole process is undeniably safe.

Also, using the links won’t affect your experience in any imaginable way. Finally, we only become partners with Bitcoin exchanges after we’ve finished writing the reviews. This way, we make sure that our reviews are 100% unbiased and genuine.

Feel free to contribute with clicks, it will mean a lot to us, and will bring a lot of value to you as well!