It is incredible how much the blockchain industry has changed in the last decade or so. Since Bitcoin came to be in 2009, dozens of new cryptocurrencies have been created. Naturally, as people wanted to buy, sell, and trade with digital coins, cryptocurrency exchanges started forming.

Today, crypto investors can use hundreds of platforms, from simple exchanges like Changelly and Shapeshift to the giants of the trading market like Bittrex. However, with all these options, investors can find it challenging to find the best prices on the market.

This unfair situation should not remain unnoticed, and the team of the project called BestRate agrees. This web service can aggregate info about all cryptocurrency exchanges on the market. It gives investors a complete picture of platforms so that they can quickly decide where to buy and sell coins.

The aggregator itself is intuitive, has a simple and modern interface, and has some groundbreaking advantages. For example, if you want to exchange your ETH, the service will show you exchanges with the best rates and the exact amount you will receive from each of them.

Meet BestRate – Top Cryptocurrency Rate Aggregator

Furthermore, all rates will be the same as if you go directly to the exchange. The best part, BestRate doesn’t charge additional transaction commissions or fees. Moreover, you don’t even need to register and wait for your identity check before being able to trade.

Currently, BestRate allows you to exchange more than 80 cryptocurrencies, and even buy some with your credit card. However, the technology this website uses is not just capable of aggregating rates for crypto coins – it’s far more sophisticated. That is why the BestRate team has created a unique Payment Tool.

A powerful tool for ICO holders!

This widget allows ICOs to collect coins and exchange them for tokens for their investors. Additionally, investors can contribute in any cryptocurrency they wish, as well as in fiat money, and ICO holders don’t have to worry about KYC. BestRate will process all transactions, and ICO holders will receive their earnings in any currency they like.

Different types of implementation allow ICO holders to choose the way they want BestRate to help them reach Hard Cap. It can be installed directly to the investor’s cabinet on the website of the ICO, or linked to a smart-contract address. Also, ICO holders can give some of their tokens to the BestRate team, and they will distribute them through their service. As you can see, it can be beneficial for young companies to use BestRate as if it was an exchange like Bittrex or Binance. Still, if you don’t find this interesting enough, here are some ways you can use to promote your ICO for free!

The Future of Trading Is Here

Being the top player in the world of finances requires a constant input of new information. Thankfully, we live in an age that is filled with helpful software you can use. There’s aggregator software for pretty much any facet of finances today. For example, stockbrokers use Financhill, a stock exchange price aggregator that functions in a similar way. Just like BestRate, it lists all the stocks and their prices. So whatever niche you’re in, the digital age has a tool to keep you updated at all times.

It is clear that the BestRate project is helping investors organize their portfolios by comparing rates. However, the site has a bigger potential than just listing coin prices. We think that it can change how the blockchain economy works, or at least how blockchain investments and payments function.